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Integrated Design

It is our firm belief that space, equipment and clinical protocols all work together to optimize both patient care and caregiver efficiency. Current evidence offers support that designing the patient care setting with a systematic and clinical approach helps caregivers achieve better clinical outcomes1. With an integrated design approach, our team develops solutions connecting products with processes and people to create an intelligent patient care environment that includes clear sight lines, unencumbered patient access, and comfortable family stay.


Integated Design - Architectural PerspectiveIntegrated Design, Architectural Perspective


Integated Design - Patient Perspective

Integrated Design, Patient Perspective


Integrated Design - Caregiver Perspective

Integrated Design, Caregiver Perspective


Integrated Design - Family Perspective

Integrated Design, Family Perspective


1. Atkinsonj., Hohensteinj., McCuUsing C. (April 30, 2011) Evidence-based Strategies To Design Safe, Efficient, and Adaptable Patient Rooms, Received from http://www.


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